Glenville Taitt was a man with a vision and a mission, a hallmark of ali great leaders: as ali leaders of note he thrived rather than wilt in strife, scandal and bacchanal.


Amongst the theists he was as secular as they come, with ali the solomanian vices, a true Machiavellian thought he may never have read 'the Prince' - generous to his friends, magnanimous to those he respected, ruthless to his enemies real or perceived. He had a long memory of good and evil as he interpreted the actions of people. If anyone needed a devil, G Taitt did, even if that devil was a devil of convenience: he needed at least one devil for his energies, creativity and purpose to flow.


A strong believer in Jesus the Christ ánd His leadership style: it both reflected the heritage of his youth and the need for the moralization and justification of his leadership idiosyncrasies. The marriage of his religious, administrative, political and senatorial training gave birth to any array of skills and capabilities that he generously employed in the development of the Parent-Teacher Movement.


His decades of service to the Parent-Teacher Movement and his achievement for the movement are enviable, unique and visionary: his succession pia nning also demonstrated his qualifications as a leader. His commitment to the education of the movement to enhance its institutional capacities was an act of genius.


Glenville Taitt took the ordinary and the unlettered to great heights, demonstrating he well understood the value and importance of the grassroots. He mastered the harnessing of women power which manifested his understanding of the role of women in the longevity and stability of movements of political and social action.
















He held that in the field of leadership he was as good as any and better than most: this perhaps explains why he dominated the PTA Movement for decades employing methods and practices both orthodox and unorthodox.


For me he was the quintessential study in practical wisdom, a study in the art of the possible in the face for elementary resources and a study in the art and science of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Though not a model of moral restraint, yet in net value I am of the view that the nation is better off for his life and ministry. I therefore ask the nation on this the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of National Parent Teacher Associations Inc. even as the House that Glenville Taitt built continues to go strong to join with me in saluting him for his sterling contribution to nation building and to wish his surviving family and friends ali the best in the years ahead.


Submitted by

 Stephen A. Burris

 former Treasurer of the NPTA





He saw himself as deserving to be ranked in the field of "Ptaism" with Dr. Williams in Government and Politics, George Weekes in Trade Unionism, Dr. Capildeo in Mathematics, V.S Naipaul

In Literature and Master Basdeo Panday in the Politics of Struggle - not by any means pretending equality in scope or grandeur but at least in commitment to the chosen cause.

To write of the man Glenville Taitt MOM (Gold) is like trying to capture a lake in a teacup. Glenville Taitt was a model in contrast: secretive yet expressive, autocratic yet consultative, rigid yet flexible. In him the sacred and the profane seemed to dwell in an uncanny harmony.



 Glenville Taitt 


   The Man and His Legacy

      Consultation on Sex Education in Schools


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In what has been a long debated issue the Ministry of Education and the Trinidad and Tobago National Parent-Teacher Association, came together this morning to address the idea of Sex Education programmes in schools. Concerned parents, educators and the PTA all sounded off. 



Published on Nov 20, 2012

The Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association last Thursday advised parents to make alternative arrangements for the care of their children on Friday as TTUTA intends to stage another day of rest and reflection.




Published on Nov 19, 2012

Teachers made good on their promise to rest and reflect as a demonstration of their rejection of the CPO's latest offer.

Today our Cameraman Sheldon Ramnath paid a visit to a few schools in Central Trinidad where there was a lot of resting and reflecting taking place.




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SNAG in Schools in Trinidad and Tobago




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"Ethel" played by Malabar RC School in the Junior Panorama finals.
On the drag at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain Trinidad, March 2011